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Core Functions-EC Social Development

Provision of social development services to individuals, groups and communities to enable them to enjoy an acceptable quality of life and become self reliant. (Our primary focus is on the poor, vulnerable and socially excluded).

- Provision of social welfare services. (promotive, preventive, palliative, rehabilitative, therapeutic)
- Provision of comprehensive social security services.
- Community development facilitation and support
- Poverty and inequality eradication
- HIV/AIDS (prevent and mitigate effects of HIV/AIDS on vulnerable groups)

Support functions:   
- Human resource management
- Financial planning and management
- Policy development, planning and research
- Population development (demographics)
- Communication and marketing
- Mainstreaming gender, disability and youth issues
- Information management and technology
- Legislation









MEC: Mrs Siphokazi Lusithi


A caring society for the protection and development of the poor and vulnerable towards a sustainable society.


To transform our society by building conscious and capable citizens through the provision of integrated social development services with families at the core of social change.
Tel: 043 605 5440/1/2

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