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Goals and Objectives of the department are as follows:

  • - Empowerment of communities, groups and individuals through their active participation in developmental programmes for improved social functioning and quality of life.

  • - Development and implementation of integrated safety net programmes that address social risks which are the result of unemployment, retirement, illness/disability, old age and death.

  • - Development and implementation of a comprehensive community development strategy (CCDS) focusing on healthy livelihoods, social inclusion, improved nutritional and social status of individuals infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

  • - Organisational transformation and development for effective management, communication, planning, financial management, reporting and utilization of resources.

  • - Developing leadership and a learning organization to capacitate personnel for responsive and effective service delivery.



















MEC: Mrs Siphokazi Lusithi


A caring society for the protection and development of the poor and vulnerable towards a sustainable society.


To transform our society by building conscious and capable citizens through the provision of integrated social development services with families at the core of social change.
Tel: 043 605 5440/1/2

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