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​​Value and Principles​

- Respect for a persons knowledge and resources, as well as their potential to develop and change.
- Recognition of the rights of all to participate fully in exercising control over and being accountable for their own lives, and accessing their share of societal resources.
- A commitment to facilitating social processes towards relationships that build effective and healthy organizations, communities, and ultimately a just and equitable society. 
- Absolute integrity
- A culture of honesty
- Loyalty
- Professionalism
- Acceptance of responsibility and accountability
- Striving for and maintaining credibility
- High standards of service delivery
- A sense of pride in belonging to the Department, and
- Sanctioning bad, and rewarding good behaviour


















MEC: Mrs Siphokazi Lusithi


A caring society for the protection and development of the poor and vulnerable towards a sustainable society.


To transform our society by building conscious and capable citizens through the provision of integrated social development services with families at the core of social change.
Tel: 043 605 5440/1/2

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