DSD NYS Programme empowers Youth through Free Driving Skills
by Nande Fayo​

Eighty (80) unemployed young people in the Sarah Baartman District in the Eastern Cape will soon get the opportunity to get their driver’s licences for free. The initiative, which started in October last year is the result of efforts by the Department of Social Development as part of its National Youth Service Programme (NYSP). 

NYSP is an initiative aimed at engaging youth in community service activities to strengthen service delivery, build patriotism, promote national building , foster social cohesion and to assist the youth acquireoccupational skills necessary to access sustainable livelihood opportunities.

At the completion of the driving training skills, drivers licence will be given to the successful trainees enabling them to take suitable driving job career or be self employed. The initiative will help curb unemployment, poverty, and social ills currently very high among young people in that district.

The Department Project Manager Chris Engelbrecht said some young people have completed their matric or have degrees but are unemployed. “She says some of them are unemployed because they do not have a driver’s licence so the department is giving them this opportunity. “It is the department’s initiative so we are supporting the participants every step of the way. They are being taught how to drive, we will take them through the course and we will be there when they test,” said Engelbrecht.

One of the participants, Esethu Nyovane, a University of Fort Hare graduate (BA Social Science) says she is grateful for the opportunity given to her by the department. She says a drivers license is one of the requiments needed in order for one to get employment. “ Am hoping to get employment after getting my drivers license. I have been unemployed for the past two years, hoping that by acquiring this lisence, things are going to change, “ she said.