Bid Number

​​SCMU4 21-22-0041

Render Printing Services - DSD for over 3yrsDownloadERRATUM - SCMU4 21-22-0041download2/18/2022

​RFQ CH 21-22-007 -011

5  - Provide Security Services in Chris HaniDownloaddownload2/8/2022

​RFQ AM 21-22-0078

Facilitate and manage the Implementation of Drivers Licence for 10 YouthsDownloaddownload1/28/2022

​SCMU4 21-22-0022-0040​

CLEANING AND GARDENING SERVICESDownloadClosing Bid Registersdownload1/21/2022

​SCMU4 21-22-0040​

Roll out of Social Relief ProgrammeDownloaddownload1/21/2022

​RFQ 21-22-0050

Supply and Install WI-FI, 43 Data Point & 4 Wireless Data PointsDownloaddownload1/18/2022

​RFQ 21-22-0051

Provision of 24 - 12 Port POE SwitchesDownloaddownload1/18/2022

​RFQ 21-22- 0049

Supply and Deliver Office FurnitureDownloaddownload1/18/2022

​RFQ 21-22-0052-0059

7 Bid Notices - Continuos Proffesional DevelopmentDownloaddownload1/18/2022

​RFQ NMM 21-22 -28ii, 0030ii, 0036ii

3 Bid Notices from NMMDownloaddownload1/18/2022

​SC​MU4 21-22-0021

Catering Services - QumbuDownloadClosing Register - SCMU 21-22-0021Download1/17/2022

​RFQ NMM 0028i,0030-0036​

8 bid notices - NMMDownloaddownload1/4/2022

​RFQ 21-22-0048​

ARRANGE CAR RENTAL FOR THE MECDownloadDownload12/17/2021

​SCMU4 21-22-0015-0020​

Security Services, CYCC - All AD, BCM, SBD, NMM, ORT, CH and JDDownloadSCMU4 21-22-0015 Bid RegisterAwarded Bid Results and Cancelled BidsDownload12/14/2021

​RFQ 21-22-0047​​


​RFQ NMM 21-22-​0030​

Facilitate and manage implementation of mOTOR mECHANIC sKILLS FOR 12 YOUTHDownloadDownload12/8/2021

​RFQ OR 21-22-0020

Catering Services - OR Tambo DistrictDownload12/3/2021

​RFQ 21-22-00046​

Facilitate EMpowerment Session for Departmental PAs in Port ElizabethDownloadDownload11/29/2021

​RFQ CH 21-22-001i​

Facilitate and manage implementation of Drivers Licence for 20 youth EngcoboDownloadDownload11/29/2021

​RFQ BCM 21-22-0037-0044

8 Bid Notices -Security Services - BCMDownloadDownload11/26/2021

​RFQ ORT 21-22-0015i​

facilitate and manage implementation of Agro processing skills to15 youthDownloadDownload11/19/2021

​RFQ ORT 21-22-0016i

Facilitate and manage implementation Wood machining and Cabinet makingDownload11/19/2021

​RFQ AD 21-22-0060-0076

10 Bid Notices from AmatholeDownloadDownload11/18/2021

​RFQ AD 21-22-0077​​

Security Services Amathole DistrictDownload11/18/2021

​RFQ BCM 21-22-0036

Catering Services - Bisho CYCCDownloadDownload11/17/2021

​RFQ 21-22-0042-0045

Conduct training on marketing for cooperativesDownloadDownload11/15/2021

​RFQ BCM 21-22-0030-0035​

pROVIDE cLEANING sERVICES - BCMDownloadErratum : RFQ 21-22-0031Download11/12/2021
RFQ BCM 21-22-0028​
​Security Services BCMDownloadDownload11/5/2021

​RFQ BCM 21-22-0029​​

Catering Services - BCMDownloadERRATUM - RFQ BCM 21-22-0029Download11/3/2021

​RFQ CH 21-22-001i

Facilitate and manage implementation of Drivers Licence for 20 youthDownloadDownload11/2/2021
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