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To provide integrated Developmental Social Services to the poor and vulnerable in partnership with stakeholders and civil society organisations. There is no change in the programme structure.


2.1 Management and Support

Provide administration for programme staff and coordinates professional development and ethics, provision of tools of trade for management and support staff providing services across all sub-programmes of this programme.

2.2 Services to Older Persons

Design and implement integrated services for the care, support and protection of older persons through establishment of support structures, provision of governance, development and implementation of interventions for older persons, quality assurance and capacity building.

2.3 Services to Persons with Disabilities

Design and implement integrated programmes and provide services that facilitate the promotion of the well-being and the socio-economic empowerment of persons with disabilities through provision of intervention programmes and services as well as capacity building and support.

2.4 HIV and AIDS

Design and implement integrated community-based care programmes and services aimed at mitigating the social and economic impact of HIV and AIDS by providing intervention programmes and services, prevention and psychosocial support programmes as well as financial and capacity building of funded organisations

2.5 Social Relief

To respond to emergency needs identified in communities affected by disasters not declared, and or any other social condition resulting in undue hardship by providing counselling and support to affected individuals and families, developing care plans for short, medium and long term interventions and providing financial and material assistance to individuals or households directly or via suitable and approved service delivery partners